Order Forms


Jacey Services is a subscription service for new comics, graphic novels and related items which was created in the summer of 1981 and went online in the early 1990s.

This blog replaces the web page which has served customers for years as a venue for monthly downloading of our proprietary order form software and current releases ("current" meaning those solicited this month for shipping two months or so from now) which appear in Previews and Marvel Previews, published by Diamond Comics. These latter are text files which contain all the available information about each title. Our ordering software also provides the same information by right clicking on any item. Hard copies of the two publications can be ordered as part of each monthly comics order if so desired.

Newcomers who discover us via this site are of course welcome to visit regularly and participate in what will, we hope, be some ongoing conversations about comics and other things. How all that will be done is still a work in progress. To start, management, such as it is, will begin a few general threads and anyone and everyone is invited to chime in with a comment on same.

Newcomers who discover us and are struck with an overwhelming urge to become part of our subscriber family are even more welcome.