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Minimum Order: $40.00 Retail
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Two Easy Payment Options
1. PayPal. Your invoice is emailed to you each Sunday prior to shipment on Wednesday. You make your payment at PayPal to "jackc@jackcurtin.com" for the amount due. If, as many subscribers do, you want to avoid having to make payments every week, you can make an estimated payment to cover the next several shipments and your account will have a credit balance.

2. Check or Money Order. Make payment in full with the first order submitted and then, based upon detailed invoices and statements enclosed with each shipment, make subsequent payments as necessary to maintain a credit balance.
The best thing about this system is that there is no need to pay for everything 30 days or more in advance as with most subscription services. You choose your method of payment and shipping frequency when you sign up. Shipping charges are billed monthly.